Introducing the Benefits of Smallholdr is our new technology platform that is the culmination of 6 years of experience, deploying data gathering and traceability technologies in rural settings. It has been built from the ground up to provide not only full traceability within the smallholder agricultural value chain but to link all the parties within the chain together as well.

With we help organisations and farmers to gain the knowledge to better manage their land to ensure healthy crop production and diversification.


Smallholdr understandably focuses on the famers or beneficiaries themselves and creating rich farmer profiles sits at the forefront of the system.

Every interaction that your organisation has with the farmer can be added to the farmer’s profile. From pictures and demographics to arable land profiles with perimeter mapped land parcels as well as cropping and crop sales history, the farmer profile provides a track record of the farmer’s agricultural activity over time.

Our hope is that one day these profiles can be provided to the farmers themselves to serve as a track record to utilize when applying for finance from a financial institution.

Smallholdr has been developed so that modules can be added to the core system to ensure that the product is as simple or complex as required.

From basic monitoring and evaluation to full traceability, market linkages and even rich media training modules, the system can provide the features needed to generate the reports and operational data you need most.

It has been our philosophy since the inception of the company to not try to change the way clients do business. This also applies to the systems they currently use.

Smallholdr has been designed to enable interaction with third party software already being used by clients. Have and accounting package to manage smallholder loans? Have an existing warehouse inventory managements system? Harness the value of this data within the system by importing it into Smallholdr so that it can provide a truly comprehensive and valuable view of your project or growing scheme.

We are believe that the men and women implementing projects in the field, take on one of the most important roles when assisting with the development of farmers and the communities they live in.

Smallholdr has a built in field-force management module to give project coordinators complete oversight of the movements and performance of the field teams interacting with the farmers and beneficiaries. When social impact and timing matters, this module can help set targets and manage deadlines for getting the job done.

Trying to implement change on a large scale is a challenge but it becomes even harder when communication breaks down. We have taken feedback from clients and built in several new communication feature into Smallholdr.

An instant messaging system has been built into our system to allow project coordinators to message the field teams and this works much like WhatsApp. This internal system is for project staff only. We have also integrated a SMS module to send targeted SMS to both the farmers and project beneficiaries and organisations in the greater value chain.

Messages may include confirmation of receipt of inputs or other project related items or updates on training field days or even project updates. /p>

The days of black and white training manuals are over. With tough lessons learned by some of our clients we are bringing a new and exciting dimension to training. Smallholdr’s training module can deliver rich training material in the form of videos and animations to liven up training and make it relevant to the participants.

The module can record who attended the session, where it was conducted and what material was delivered and for how long. Short retention tests can also be delivered to the recipients to assess retention of the session.

Agro-dealers and agricultural service providers play a crucial role in the agricultural sector. Smallholdr has been designed to allow them to become a more integral and informed player in the sector.

With Smallholdr, you can provide agro-dealers associated with your project or scheme with information about the exact number of farmers you have, the type and amount crops they are growing and where the crops have been planted. Exact quantities of inputs and agro-chemicals can be calculated and storage requirements can be determine by area. Get the right stuff to the right place and make sure post-harvest losses are minimized.

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