Helping create a fertile future
for smallholder farmers is a mobile information platform for smallholder farmer training and managment


How can smallholdr help you? provides you not only with the tools to better manage your smallholder scheme but to assist with the development of the farmers themselves. With the optional inclusion of media rich training modules, loan repayment information for the farmers and even direct linkages to buyers, input suppliers and financial institutions, takes the value chain to the farmers.

For agri-businesses.
For farmers. is for agri-businesses that work with communities of smallholder farmers. will provide them with a unique tool to manage communciations and information about their communities.

At the same time it will deliver training direct to the smallholders and facilitates the tracking of inputs and crop production in real time. can also be used by any organisation wanting to engage with smallholder farmers, and by local farming clubs and associations who want to develop their members to the best of their abilities.

Ensure quality standards.
Improve profits.

Through training and accurate data collection and reporting, our clients can ensure that crops are grown according to Good Agricultural Practices which ensure that the farmers get the highest returns for their crops. can also link the farmers or farmer groups directly to markets, cutting out expensive middlemen.

Empower your business with realtime information will allow customers to

  • trace a crop from seed to manufacture (traceability and compliance)
  • link the crop to a market
  • train and inform the farmers in best agricultural practices
  • manage smallholder loan and input packages by integrating with suppliers, banks and warehouse receipt systems
  • manage extension teams to ensure high quality extension services

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Helping create a fertile future for smallholder farmers

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