Agri-data management. Tailored to your needs

Smallholdr is a customised mobile app and web-based platform for collecting and analysing data, managing field teams and tracking produce in smallholder supply chains

Smallholder data management for agribusiness

Smallholdr is an efficient and cost-effective way to capture and manage data on smallholder farmers, outgrower schemes and agricultural business processes using our mobile app and cloud-based platform.

Our approach is to work closely with our clients to develop bespoke versions of our system which fully meet their needs – from input retailers to honey processors or seed multipliers.


Real-time information reduces costs and increases accuracy of production or sales planning


Organisations can build closer relationships and tailor extension advice to individual farmers


Detailed records of smallholder interventions provide highly informative M&E data

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Web Dashboard

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Farmer Identity Solutions

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Map Plot Polygons

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EUDR Compliance

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Offline Data Capture

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Field Team Management

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how it works

Collect data on the ground.
Analyse data in the cloud.

Smallholdr is a customised mobile app and web-based platform for collecting and analysing data, managing field teams and tracking produce in smallholder supply chains

Collect data

Mobile App

The Smallholdr App has been designed to work in rural environments to make data collection as easy and efficient as possible. 

  • Capture data on farmers, plots, crops, yields, quality, volumes, locations, transactions and more
  • App works online and offline
  • All functions delivered through our one user-friendly app
  • Works on any Android device
  • Measure fields with built-in perimeter mapping
  • Embedded calculations
  • Loan and payment management

Works offline

Collect data with no network

Easy to use

User friendly

Real-time stats

Instant analytics

Cloud based SaaS

Global access from any device


Web Dashboard

Smallholdr Dashboards are accessible from anywhere; they are web-based, responsive and customised to your needs. Different users access different Dashboards according to their needs and access permissions.

  • Real-time information
  • Ability to manage large datasets
  • Role-based user access control
  • Historical record of all entries maintained
  • All data securely stored in the cloud
  • Data export & import functionality
  • Interoperability – API and other integrations available

AnTi-Deforestation & Traceability solutions

EUDR Ready?

With Smallholdr‘s built-in offline perimeter mapping, ability to track changes to plots over time and farm-to-fork traceability features, EU Anti-Deforestation Regulation compliance is made easy.


Commercial & Development Advantages

Smallholdr provides opportunities for cost efficiencies and compliance for private sector, NGOs, cooperatives and the smallholder farmers with whom they work

Commercial Benefits

Smallholdr improves business performance by reducing costs and enabling better decision-making and planning. Our software enables efficient management of field workers so that extension work can be directed as required. Real-time data saves time and money for procurement and logistics planning.

It helps agribusinesses to engage profitably with smallholder farmers, and NGOs to deliver cost-effective agronomic support.

  • Reduce costs
  • Manage field team
  • Procurement
  • Real-time insights
  • Logistics
  • Full transparency

Reduce costs

All the features


Througout the value chain

Improve livelihoods

Measure farmer impact

Access to finance

Farmer credit histories

Development Benefits

Smallholdr increases opportunities for farmers to improve yields and incomes and to gain more secure access to markets.

It can provide smallholders with credit histories for the first time, and allow them to access finance for their businesses

  • Increase yeilds
  • Improve farmer livelihoods
  • Farmer credit history
  • Input distribution

Key Features

Smallholdr delivers compliance, traceability, and real-time data insights for smallholder value chains. Engage farmers, reduce costs, foster growth, and ensure sustainable success.


Smallholdr is tailored to your exact needs. Mobile app in your local language. Database customised to model your real world.

Farm-to-fork Traceability

Capture the origin and quality description of produce and trace the digital footprint throughout your value chain.

Field Team Management

Monitor field worker performance (and location) from the dashboard. Extension workers view current tasks.

Real-time Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with real-time visualisation of all data coming in from the field to the dashboard.

Cloud-based SaaS

Smallholdr is a fully supported Software as a Service product with secure cloud data storage. No need to hire developers and coders.

Offline Data Collection

Extension workers can collect and access key information to help them do their jobs even if they are offline.

Perimeter Mapping

Built-in offline perimeter mapping tool enables field team to map accurate, error-free measurements of plots, farms, fields

Integration Ready

Interoperability made easy. API and other integrations with finance, GPS, statistics and other platforms are available.

Certification Made Easy

Smallholdr enables full compliance with Fair Trade, Organic Certification, EUDR, Carbon Credits and more.

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