EUDR Compliance

Smallholdr is your trusted partner for EU Deforestation Regulation compliance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of environmental regulations, the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) stands as a pivotal force driving sustainable practices. Smallholdr, a trailblazer in agri-data management, emerges as your ally in navigating the complexities of the EUDR, offering innovative solutions that not only ensure compliance but also foster sustainable agricultural practices.

Understanding EUDR

The EUDR, set to reshape the market by the end of 2024, is a comprehensive initiative aimed at preventing the placement of products linked to deforestation or forest degradation within the EU. This groundbreaking regulation covers a spectrum of products, including timber, cocoa, coffee, soy, palm oil, beef, leather, and other agricultural commodities with a significant impact on global forests. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a staggering 420 million hectares of forest were lost to deforestation between 1990 and 2020, highlighting the urgent need for stringent measures.

How Smallholdr Helps

EUDR Compliance with Smallholdr

Smallholdr has already paved the way for compliance in diverse landscapes, providing tailored solutions for clients in multiple countries in cocoa, coffee and forestry value chains. Our success stories underscore our commitment to crafting bespoke strategies that transcend geographical boundaries.

Tailored Compliance Solution

At the heart of Smallholdr’s approach is a commitment to co-create solutions with clients. We go beyond a one-size-fits-all model, understanding the unique challenges faced by agribusinesses dealing with timber, cocoa, coffee, soy, palm oil, beef, leather, and various agricultural products. Our solutions are designed not just to meet current EUDR standards but to evolve with the regulatory landscape. It helps agribusinesses to engage profitably with smallholder farmers, and NGOs to deliver cost-effective agronomic support.

Beyond EUDR Compliance

Smallholdr‘s commitment goes beyond EUDR compliance. We understand that sustainable agriculture requires continuous innovation. Our ongoing research explores opportunities to enhance fieldwork efficiency, minimize environmental impact, and foster collaborative initiatives that extend beyond regulatory requirements.

fully customised: we work closely with each client to tailor smallholder to fit your needs

tried and tested: gather accurate plot polygons with smallholdr’s built-in perimeter mapping functionality

Field-Tested Success

Smallholdr’s impact is felt on the ground, where we’ve successfully implemented solutions for remote extension teams working with cocoa cooperatives in Sierra Leone, managed forestry data & carbon credits in the agricultural heartland of Uganda, and streamlined coffee supply chain transparency in the vast landscapes of the DRC.

Proactive Compliance Measures

The compliance journey with Smallholdr begins with proactive measures. We empower businesses to not only meet EUDR standards but to surpass them. Through simplified mobile data collection, geo-coordinate mapping, and supply chain transparency, we equip small cooperatives and large traders to demonstrate the deforestation-free origin of their products.

Key Features for EUDR Compliance

How Smallholdr Can Help You

At Smallholdr, we recognize the challenges posed by EUDR. Our platform empowers both small operators and large traders to gather essential data, produce and share audit reports, and prove the absence of deforestation through precise providence mapping.

Providence Mapping

Utilize Smallholdr to map your supply chain down to the polygon level, ensuring precise providence mapping.

Demonstrate deforestation-free practices with audit reports.

Verification of Deforestation-Free Products

Back your compliance credentials with independent 3rd party satellite analysis.

Provide auditable supply chain data through a centralized deforestation dashboard.

Supply Chain Transparency

Consolidate trusted data across your value chain.

Centralize direct and non-direct suppliers within a flexible, controlled, and auditable value chain map.

Real-Time Analytics:

Design web-based Smallholdr Dashboards for real-time data and chart visualization.

Ensure compliance with role-based user access control.

EUDR Compliance Functionality

With Smallholdr‘s built-in offline perimeter mapping, ability to track changes to plots over time and farm-to-fork traceability features, EU Anti-Deforestation Regulation compliance is made easy.

Tailored Solutions

Smallholdr employs a co-creation approach, working closely with clients to optimize their interactions with smallholders. We tailor our systems to streamline your operations and provide the flexibility to adapt to new EUDR requirements in the future.

Farm-to-fork Traceability

We set up a flexible database modeling key entities that matter to you. Utilizing QR codes, we help tag and track produce throughout the supply chain, ensuring precise providence mapping from farm to fork.

Field Team Management

Smallholdr makes the management of remote extension workers seamless. Tasks and surveys are designed on an intuitive interface and directly allocated to the Smallholdr Mobile App, designed to operate efficiently evemwhen offline in rural environments.

Real-time Analytics

Our web-based Smallholdr Dashboards are customized to your needs, providing real-time data and charts. Managers and extension workers can access, edit, and analyze data according to their access privileges.

Supply Chain Visibility

We empower businesses to assess and address risks by connecting the dots across their supply chains. Our platform consolidates trusted data for value chain mapping, risk assessment reports, and audits.

Compliance with EUDR Standards

Smallholdr’s compliance solutions go beyond data collection. We help you verify product deforestation-free status with geographic polygon mapping down to the polygon level of a production area.

Perimeter Mapping

Built-in offline perimeter mapping tool enables field team to map accurate, error-free measurements of plots, farms, fields

Integration Ready

Interoperability made easy. API and other integrations with finance, GPS, statistics and other platforms are available.

Cloud-based SaaS

Smallholdr is a fully supported Software as a Service product with secure cloud data storage. No need to hire developers and coders.

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