John Cass

John has been coding since the age of ten and is the Irish brains behind the ‘Revel Engine’, the semantic database that underpins Smallholdr’s functionality. He is the MD of Revel Innovation, an expert developer and technology innovator, working from research and concept development to implementation of finished systems operating at scale. He has over 30 years experience in computer system design and programming; and is expert in C,C++,Java, PHP and many other languages.

John is focussed on customer and user experience, delivering excellent, easy to use solutions, and his mantra is that ”spreadsheets are where data go to die”. John developed Smallholdr in response to the clear need he could for replacing the ‘one off’ survey tools which dominate data collection in the agri-context, rendering it is virtually impossible to build a usable, historic record of performance.

In his spare time John runs around after his three small children.