Kelechi Amadi

Kelechi is a highly skilled branding and marketing consultant and interface design expert. He has delivered brands and visual identities for a wide variety of websites and online tools.

Kelechi creates beautiful, practical and intuitive user interfaces. He uses a wide range of content management systems with strange names (Liferay, Fatwire, Joomla, WordPress, Elgg, Drupal), as well as CRM systems, information architecture, web usability and accessibility, web analytics, internet marketing and SEO.

Kelechi bridges the gap between Smallholdr client users and our developers, he asks questions, then more questions, and still more questions so that he fully understands exactly what the user need is. His patient, thorough approach is the key which enables us to deliver effective digital change management.

In his spare time Kelechi spins the decks and supports his son at rap gigs.